About Us

At Talisman we will introudce you to a wide selecteion of fine furniture, exquisite hand-knotted carpets and paintings by known artists and those on the cusp of breaking through to the art scene of Pakistan.

We have assembled an elegant collection designed specifically for discerning customers, collectors and connoisseurs. Hand-crafted and hand-painted furniture and accent furnitue pieces on display at Talisman are the product of years of unremitting patronage of artisans and a passion for preservation of dying, waning arts like Naqashi and Kunedkari. Talisman pieces emphasise the inherent decorative aspect of wood, leather, Mother of Pearl and other exotic materials. The woodwork especially captures all the rich textures and colours of high-quality seasoned timber and accentuates the techniques of Naqashi, Kundekari, and Mother of Pearl marquetry.

Carpets at Talisman are all hand-knotted in Pakistan, and relive Persian, Turkish and Afghan traditions. These depictions are a celebration of fine and intricate Islamic motifs. These showpieces include also impeccable specimens crafted with vegetable dyes. The ensemble comprises Shikargah, Kashgar, Muhtesim and other leading Islamic arrangements.

Talisman provides a platform for unknown or relatively less-known and young painters, who are either self-taught or informally trained but produce paintings of exceptionally high quality and potential. These artists who are now making their mark one the art scene, or waiting to be discovered, offer you an exciting selection of landscapes, portraits and abstracts.